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The "Studio di Microelettronica" (Microelectronics Lab), located in Pavia, is the result of an agreement between STMicroelectronics and the University of Pavia.

The strategic placement of the "Studio di Microelettronica" inside the Electronic Department of the University of Pavia is of critical importance for the growth of the group, since it allows a tight cooperation between the University and the industry, allowing students and researchers to be in contact with professional designers to improve and develop technological innovation in the microelectronics field, in a young and dynamic environment.

Inside the "Studio di Microelettronica", the STMicroelectronics employees are currently involved in design activities related to three main topics: Analog RF, High Speed Serial Interfaces, and Electronics for Health.

ST Microelectronics offers the possibility to students to do their different graduation thesis in the framework of the "Studio di Microelettronica".
Moreover, it supports Ph.D. students for studies correlated to "Studio di Microelettronica" activities.

ST Microelectronics is also sponsor of about 10-15 annual "post lauream" grants.

For both Ph.D. and grant students, STMicroelectronics offers the opportunity to collaborate with other sites, both in Italy and abroad.

The technical direction from Pavia University of the "Studio di Microelettronica" is held by prof. Francesco Svelto, and the design center takes advantage of the fruitful cooperation of prof. Andrea Mazzanti, prof. Paolo Arcioni, prof. Enrico Dallago and Prof. Paolo Gamba.

The team direction for STMicroelectronics of the "Studio di Microelettronica" is held by ing. Ivan Bietti and ing. Giulio Ricotti, and many expert designers are in charge of STM employees.

A scientific committee organizes the activities, with ing. Maurizio Zuffada as president.

For more information you can contact the team leaders of each activity by Email or come to visit our site, following the indications.


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